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Senior Advisor at the New media department, Nordic museum/Nordiska museet, Stockholm, Sweden, with a great interest in digital transformation and digital affecting organizational change. My job is to develop an action plan for the digital communication at the museum. I am training staff and organizing workshops and seminars. I am planning for our online presence, and collaboration, on other platforms than our own (i.e. Social media). This blog is not the opinion of my employer, but my very own thoughts.

Kajsa Hartig

Kajsa Hartig

I have been working in the cultural heritage sector since 1995 (Stockholm City Archives, Center for Business History and Nordiska museet).

Since 1995 I have been working on several historical cd-roms and dvd:s, for the telecom company Ericsson, and the ICA Gruppen (one of the Nordic region’s main players in grocery retail) among others. And for the last thirteeh years I have covered all aspects of mediating cultural heritage online (technology, channels, usability, content strategy, copyright issues, licensing etc.). Today the possibilities and challenges are different and constantly evolving, which is why I am more interested than ever to participate, contribute and enjoy cultural heritage online.

I have an M.A. in Visual Anthropology and a photography degree. I was in charge of The Swedish Secretariat for Photographic Collections for eight years, which means I am especially interested in mediating photographic collections online.

I blog in English because I want to have a dialogue with an international community, and to share to an audience outside Sweden. This blog is my own and the opinions expressed are my own.

More about me

The IdeK is an association for cultural heritage and digital communication. IdeK stands for Innovation, Ideas, Design, Communication and Cultural Heritage. I run this association together with colleagues in the heritage and non profit sectors. Our major current project  is a one year training program for cultural organizations, together with online strategist Dr Abhay Adhikari. The program was launched in 2015 and will run again in 2016.

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