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I have to admit – I get seasick by Oculus Rift #Blogg100

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I get seasick by Oculus Rift. I’ve only tried it once, for two minutes, then I almost panicked (which is a bit embarrasing to admit).

The problem is I also get seasick when my son shows me new things he built on Minecraft, he moves around very fast. Or when he flies an air plane in other games. Getting on a real roller coaster would never occur to me.

That’s why today I was happy to read To Bring Virtual Reality to Market, Furious Efforts to Solve Nausea. So it’s not just me. In fact it’s a problem for the entire industry. Apparently some games causing nausea will still be allowed, but ”labelled as such” (!). I any case I am looking forward to the day when these issues are solved.


Blog post 7/100 #Blogg100 challenge



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