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Mobile use is (still) growing fast #Blogg100

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Haggin Museum in Stockton, California. Photo: Patrick Giblin, Flickr, CC-BY-NC.

Haggin Museum in Stockton, California. Photo: Patrick Giblin, Flickr, CC-BY-NC.

”2014 will be the year that the internet will go mostly mobile”

This blog post is mostly about looking back at trend reports from 2014, though the conclusions are just as important in 2015.

If you aren’t already onto producing content for mobile devices, now is certainly the time. According to the annual report “Swedes and the internet 2014” between 92–98 % of all Swedes age 12-45 have access to a smartphone. Between 74-88% use them to connect to internet on a daily basis. 73 % of all Swedish adults use smartphones (compared to 58 % of adult US citizens according to the Pew Internet Research Study on Cell Phone Ownership and Usage, January 2014)

Google is also driving the change towards more mobile friendly websites and will by April 21 2015 rank these sites higher. http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/02/26/google-will-rank-your-site-higher-if-its-mobile-friendly-starting-april-21/

Keep in mind

The use of smartphones in museums is about more than accessing the museum website before the physical visit. It is about possibilities for participation, social sharing, mobile shopping, Near Field Communication, visitor photography and much more.  And it is about mobile being one device among others, and visitors effortlessly moving across devices. Besides producing a mobile strategy for museums, a content strategy is just as important as well as deeper understanding of museum audiences. 2015 will be the year we hopefully see most museum websites completely responsive. That’s a good start.


Blog post 3/100 #Blogg100-challenge

One thought on “Mobile use is (still) growing fast #Blogg100

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