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Digital experience maturity according to Adobe #Blogg100

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I read a lot every day online, mostly links that are shared by people I trust and follow on Twitter or Facebook, content shared on Scoopit or things I find through Google Alerts. During this #Blogg100 challenge I will write blog posts sharing thoughts on interesting reading mainly about digital transformation, content, storytelling, transmedia and social media, and how this relates to museums. An area that is constantly growing:

”The competitive landscape for winning, serving, and retaining customers through engaging, immersive digital experiences will only continue to intensify in the coming months and years.”

The Adobe White Paper (2014) Transforming Digital Marketing in many ways sums up museums and emerging technologies, the very things I am interested in and believe in, especially the seven key dimensions of digital experience maturity:

  • Web content management: How your organization manages content across your digital properties
  • Digital asset management: How effectively you manage and use assets across your digital properties
  • Personalization: The extent to which your organization uses personalization to provide engaging experiences
  • Content delivery: How your organization is engaging customers across your digital properties
  • Mobile sites and apps: The extent to which your organization is managing its mobile digital properties
  • Social communities: Whether your organization uses owned social media channels to engage customers
  • Strategy: The combined level of talent, technology, processes, and knowledge of your organization’s digital property management practice

Each and everyone of these seven key dimensions are highly relevant to museums, and equally challenging. And they will serve as a starting point for my participation in the #Blogg100 challenge.


Blog post 2/100 #Blogg100



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