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#Blogg100 here we go again

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The Swedish blog initiative #Blogg100 is now running for the fourth time, where participants are encouraged to write 100 blog posts 100 days in a row. I have participated for the last two years, but never made it to the end. After about 30 blog posts in a row I have found it difficult to persist, find new topics, and simply find the time to write.

However I do believe in the blog format, and I constantly encourage other people to blog or to publish regularly on social media. That’s why I believe another go at the #Blogg100 would help me think more strategically about content and knowledge-making for myself and for museums.

As I do in my profession, I am for this blog setting up a content calendar in order to make blogging easier and more fun, and leaving room for spontaneous blog posts as a response to current events.

So, here we go. This is blog post 1/100.



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