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”When the people claim a picture…” #Blogg100

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The film roll by Alberto Korda. From Wikimedia Commons.

I am very fascinated by photographs that become icons, claimed by people all over the world. There are by now countless examples of photographs of this kind, perhaps the most famous one is the portrait of Che Guevara, by Alberto Korda. Another one is The Scream that I have written about in a previous post.  Now the photographer and visual storyteller Platon tells in this video by CNN about the portrait of Putin that by now has been claimed by numerous communities.

”When the people claim a picture, and it somehow connects with the times we’re living in, that’s the greatest honor we could wish for.”
Platon Tells The Story Behind His Portrait of Vladimir Putin, Petapixel.com


Blog post 17/100 #Blogg100-challenge



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