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New Twitter report : 640 000 Swedish Twitter accounts #Blogg100

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Twitter Census

Today, the yearly Twitter Census report was presented by Intellecta Corporate. The study aims to provide a picture of Swedish language Twitter accounts, the number of accounts, the use and growth of accounts over time.

There are 641,746 Swedish-language accounts on Twitter, more than ever before.  Only 84,605 ​​of them – about one eighth – writes an average of more than a tweet a day. The growth rate, the number of new accounts every day, is at the moment decreasing. The Swedish-speaking Twitter is still growing, but growth is slower than before.

Comparing number of accounts with the Nordic countries

  • Sweden: 641 746
  • Denmark: 260 194
  • Finland: 153 681
  • Norway: 406 250

Number of active accounts (more than 2 tweets during the last month)

  • Sweden: 243 312
  • Denmark: 53 333
  • Finland: 52 316
  • Norway: 118 809

Very active accounts (more than 1 tweet/day the last month)

  • Svweden: 84 605
  • Denmark: 10 233
  • Finland: 9 735
  • Norway: 32 812

What do people talk about? Mainly it is about technology and social media, but second most common topic is actually culture and third most common topic is politics and media. One interesting conclusion from the report is that the use of Twitter is different among the different Twitter communities. And the largest new group on Twitter in Sweden is the young population, a group that mostly follow each other.


Exploring the use of Twitter is of course interesting when deciding whether or not to use the channel for campaigns. Who is the target group, are they on Twitter and if so can the museum reach this particular community?

Sources (in Swedish)


Blog post 15/100 #Blogg100-challenge



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