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Download textbooks through iTunes – schools and ICT #Blogg100

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Students with iPads

Students with iPads. Photo: Brad Flickinger, CC-BY.

Using iPads in school, getting all relevant study material for classes downloadable through iTunes curated by the teacher is becoming reality at the Stephen Perse Foundation school in Cambridge.

Teachers at the independent school are making their own online library of lessons and course materials for GCSE, A-levels and International Baccalaureates. These are interactive resources, with video links and lesson notes, customised for the specific needs and speeds of their classes. There are extension exercises and links to further reading and ideas.
BBC News Business

This successful school is also planning to share its online resources for free. The need for skilled teachers is also discussed:

”…such online courses depend on the quality and the skill of the teacher, it’s not a plug-and-play education.”
BBC News Business

The same discussions are emerging in Sweden as well. The Swedish National Agency for Education delivered a report in 2013 ICT use and technical excellence in school.

The report shows that access to computers has increased dramatically for both students and teachers in the last three years, but that the technologies are not used more widely in education. ICT skills are in general low. More computers have not meant that ICT is used more in teaching. The use of ICT is almost equally low in several subjects as it was three years ago . It also appears that many teachers feel that there are large gaps in the ICT support and equipment. The report concludes that there is a great need for professional development of both teachers and principals.

As in my previous post it is interesting to once again conclude that introducing technology in itself does not automatically make an organisation or a community more digital.


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