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New tech more important to museum management in 2014? #Blogg100

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Importance of new technology

I just came across these survey results on Twitter (shared via @danspock) from a company called Museum Management Consultants in San Francisco. The survey is called 2014 Museum Thought Leader Survey. The survey in itself is not very extensive and lacks explanatory text, and there is no way to know how many museum leaders actually received the survey (apparently 55% replied).

One question involves New media: ”If funding were no object, which one initiative or project would you develop at your museum”. It is interesting to se the growing importance of and awareness of New technologies. However the question is rather confined: ”If funding were no object…”. It would certainly have been more interesting to know what the priorities would be, concerning New technologies, without the condition of disregarding funding.


Blog post 12/100 #Blogg100-challenge



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