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Artoneforty – takes Twitter one step further #Blogg100 #Art140 #SSXW

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Totally excited about MoMA’s new Twitter project, launched today at #SXSW in Austin. The Twitter account @artoneforty will get us talking about art on Twitter.

MoMA has 1.6 million followers on Twitter and 1.5 million likes on Facebook. Still they decided to create a brand new account, a thematic stream which relies ”less on chronology and more on ideas around broader topics” as Adweek writes today. The purpose of Art140 is to provide ”means to better understand how the public feels about art. The project also creates an opportunity for people to connect with living artists.”

In addition to the Twitter account MoMA has launched a website with images of six pieces of art that are the center of the conversation. ”They will represent a wide range of work, including abstract and landscape art, according to Victor Samra, the digital media marketing manager at MoMA.”

Hashtags beneath each piece will link conversations on the feed. The aim is to create ”the most engaged art community in the world”. The tweets will also be analyzed to help MoMA understand more about what people love and hate about art.

I am definitely looking forward to follow this project.

Read article on Adweek >>


Blog post 9/100 #Blogg100-challenge



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