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The Digital Eco System of Yale Digital Collections Center.

Introducing the idea of social digital in the organisation is a challenge, but also a necessary step when fully taking advantage of new technology. The awareness of new media varies naturally within an organisation, depending on personal experience among the staff and on priorities made by the management. Social digital is about using new technology in a way that fits into the world of online social behavior. This will eventually happen more or less intentionally, and more or less in controlled circumstances. But by taking control of this process you can avoid expensive mistakes.

First of all, for the organisation to take the step towards social digital, there has to be someone in house in charge of these issues. By that I mean someone, one person or an entire department, needs to monitor, make strategies and push the organisation into the right direction. In turn the management needs to support this process of change every step of the way.

This means the job of introducing social digital can’t be performed before the management is fully aware of what the process is about and what this will mean in terms of reallocating resources, internal training and even rethinking the vision of the organisation.

The very foundation of this process is the social digital eco system. I often refer to the Digital Eco System of Yale Digital Collections Center when talking about becoming a social digital organisation. It puts technology in relation to humans, practice (and strategies) and content in a very simple and relevant way.

Sustainability requires a holistic view that considers far more than just the technological tools. The digital content infrastructure includes an understanding the sources and uses of the digital content, policies to guide decisions, engagement with a broader community of curators and content users, as well as digital experts, and shared technology platforms and tools. The combination of these four essential components creates the coherent infrastructure for a sustainable digital ecosystem.

The Digital Eco System, Yale Digital Collections Center

So when taking control over the process of becoming a social digital organisation, starting by defining your organisation’s digital eco system is a first and essential step. And this is where the digital expertise comes in, whether it is one person or an entire department.


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