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Geek girls in Culture and Arts #Blogg100

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Geek girls in Arts and Culture


There are literally thousands and thousands of bright, inspiring women in arts/culture and tech. Here are some (of many) of the women that inspire me. I hope to write more of these posts during the coming year (no need to do this only once a year!). Here they are presented with their Twitter bios, in no particular order.

Shelley Mannion

I design and manage digital learning programs at the British Museum’s Samsung Centre. Addicted to work, water, Swiss chocolate. London, UK · britishmuseum.org/samsung_centre

Mia Ridge

PhD candidate in digital humanities, Open Uni (geospatial, crowdsourcing digitisation); Chair of @ukmcg; into code, UX, history and cultural heritage. Oxford, mostly · openobjects.org.uk.

Nancy Proctor

Mobile & museums geek; loves art, languages, travel, feminist theory, good food & nice people. Views expressed here are my own. Washington DC · MuseumMobile.info

Emma Reimfelt

Communicator and webbstrategist / Kommunikatör och webbstrateg på @Livrustkammaren, @Skoklosters slott och @Hallwylska museet. Styrelseledamot i @idek_SE Stockholm · lsh.se

Susan Chun

Chief Content Officer @mcachicago. Formerly @ProjectAudience @metmuseum @steve_museum, Chicago + Washington, DC, USA · susanchun.com

Jane Finnis

Chief Exec of Culture24, opinionated and passionate about digital. Sometime blogger and full-time culturelover. Brighton · about.me/janefinnis.

Lindsey Green and Alyson Webb, Frankly, Green + Webb

Working with cultural organisations to use mobile in smart ways. Tweets about mobile, museums, interpretation and play. Tweets by Alyson and Lindsey. London and Sheffield, UK · franklygreenwebb.com

Dana Mitroff Silvers

Web strategy consultant + digital project manager for museums and nonprofits. Formerly the head of the web at SFMOMA. http://www.designthinkingformuseums.net. San Francisco, CA · dmitroff.com


Blog post 7/100 #Blogg100-challenge


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