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No more email #Blogg100

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Image by Christopher S. Penn, Flickr, CC-BY-NC-ND.

Image by Christopher S. Penn, Flickr, CC-BY-NC-ND.

Imagine when you get to work tomorrow there is no more email. No inbox to check, no emails to read and reply to. Would you manage?

No other communication channel is so overloaded with irrelevant information as email, there is spam, numerous messages from mailing lists and new letters you never subscribed to. So what if we were referred to social media instead like Yammer?

The daily number of emails sent by professionals peaked in 2008 and has been declining steadily since. Similarly, young people – tomorrow’s professionals – vastly prefer social media and texting to email.
‘Are we at the end of email’ by Ryan Galloway

As with many steps in embracing digital tools and services, we are in reality still far from leaving email behind. Though it isn’t just tomorrows professionals that prefer using social media for communication. Many of us use Google docs, Google Groups, Yammer, Basecamp, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with colleagues around the world. But perhaps not as much within the organisation or the company.

Without addressing administrative, security or practical issues it is however an interesting thought. Would my every day life be easier? I definitely think so.


Blog post 5/100 #Blogg 100-challenge


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