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Not yet obsolete #Blogg100

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In 2012 I discussed in a post how digital now ought to be so integrated that there is no longer need for ”digital” staff. In a sense I still believe that, but today the digital staff has become more of a strategic resource for the organisation, a facilitator and a catalyst, more important than ever.

Digital competence should be everywhere, in all parts of the organisation. This is however a slow process. Most museums are on a tight budget and schedule and the time for educating staff, performing pilot projects and experimentation just isn’t there. Not all museums have staff dedicated to digital with the assignment to maintain and develop a holistic and strategic view of the disruptive digital eco system.

One way to speed up the slow process of integrating digital into the organisation is to enable experimentation in real projects, let go of ”lets do what we always do”, make room for small pilots in every day work. This requires less control and more trust in the staff.

Together with regular staff training in digital tools and services, this can speed up a process that will otherwise take a very long time.

Where does that leave the digital expertise. Well as in the quote from Brian Solis above, during the process of becoming digital, the digital expertise is there to support, lead the way and make sure the organisation arrives at the right place at the right time. After this? Maybe the digital staff, that already has to work across the organisation with strategies and plans of action might very well play a central role in the development of the museum.

This is something I will explore further in my upcoming blogposts. And there will hopefully be 100 new blog posts in the next 100 days (as I have once again accepted the challenge of the #Blogg100 initiative). Other things that I intend to write about are methods and specific tools as well as pay attention to great initiatives within the museum sector.



So what about Blogg100? More than 500 Swedish bloggers are today starting a 100-day blogg event, that will end in a meetup in May. Last year’s challenge, with more than 600 bloggers and 16 000 blog posts being published, ended with a seminar about blogging, attracting several well known speakers as well as notable bloggers.

I myself managed to write a mere 33 blog posts in the challenge. This was much less than I had anticipated. And my goal this year is to do better. Not just blogging for the sake of it, but to challenge myself to develop my thoughts on cultural heritage and digital tools, services and communication.

So… this is the fresh start of my blog in 2014. Blog post 1/100.



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