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What your social media team should look like #Blogg100

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The social media team?

When setting up a social media presence, you need a team to manage the channels. But what should that team look like? In many smaller organisations there is often just one communicator for social media. Is that really enough?

Well lets start with the person (or people) who actually manages your social media channels. What competences are we looking for? Who is this? Johan Ronnestam gives a simple answer:

a human being who’s not afraid to talk to strangers and who’s got tons of common sense

That’s it?

Yes, it’s the communicative skill we are looking for. Meeting  and interacting with your audience is skill no 1. And to do so the person needs to be digitally socialized. Understand the cultural codes and languages of online communication.

That in itself is no stranger than getting socialized into any society. This means that it’s not the early adopter that should manage social media, but an outgoing communicating person with, as Johan says, lots and lots of common sense. Though one could argue that early adopters within social media ARE communicative. This kind of goes hand in hand.

This means all other skills HAVE to be provided for by other staff. And by other skills I mean public relations, planning, content strategy, analysis, IT etc. In itself not a strange thing. When calling or e-mailing a museum I most probably don’t want to talk to the manager but get answers to my immediate questions or have my problems solved. The same thing goes for social media.

In smaller organisations both communication and content packaging, as well as evaluation and strategy, has to be performed by probably very few people. This doesn’t mean planning and evaluation can be neglected.

In larger organisations there is room for a team that together manage social media.

So who should do what? Well IT has to be involved, setting up recommendations for security, apps and other tools. Someone has to do the copywriting, graphic design, image editing. Many people have to be involved in aggregating and creating content. And someone has to look ahead, plan, build a strategy, analyse and evaluate. 

The Social Media Team

Regardless of how your organisation shares the responsibilities for social media, it has to be clear once and for all, it’s not a one-man/woman-job.

And that goes of course for anything in an organisation. Each area of responsibility is intricately interconnected with, and depending on other parts of the organisation. Using social media only makes it more urgent to adapt to this disruptive era.


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