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So you’ve found your tribe, then what? #Blogg100

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Photo: Benny Mazur, CC-BY.

Photo: Benny Mazur, CC-BY.

One of the most important things about using social and digital tools for communication is to use trial and error, to try different ways of communicating and to try different kinds of content.

This is how you finally find your tribe, the one community that is actually willing to spread your content and to talk about and with you in a positive and rewarding way. Suddenly your content is shared, liked and talked about. Your analytics go ”Bingo!”.

As a museum this might come a surprise, because it isn’t always the areas you have planned for in terms of exhibitions or other activities. The tribe might be interested in a whole different topic.

So what do you do? Hook up with the tribe and try to convert them into loving all your other exciting stuff? Or totally reschedule all activities to focus on the tribe?

I believe most museums aren’t flexible enough to quickly respond to the lessons learned from social media. At the same time I am not  yet on terms with to what extent this has to influence further activities.

I do believe that resources have to be relocated and that the opportunities to communicate with a tribe have to be explored.

Since I am still exploring the concept of tribal communication I would love to get your opinion on this.


Blog post 030/100 #Blogg100 challenge


One thought on “So you’ve found your tribe, then what? #Blogg100

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