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What kind of content? #Blogg100

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CC-content from Flickr assembled by Tin Eye Labs.

Curate content by color? CC-content from Flickr assembled by Tin Eye Labs, according to the colors picked by the visitor to the site: http://labs.tineye.com/multicolr

Content creation is essential when building an online presence. But what is content? Is it about providing online collections, or is it about curating your own content? And to what extent should we involve other content than our own?

It gets even more interesting when Johan Ronnestam adds the purpose of the content. In his latest blog post he talks about Content made for attention vs content made for relation.

Content creation for social media channels involves the entire museum. But without a strategy of what and for whom, and for what purpose, we will soon run out of staff and money, as Ronnestam points out. Content creation can seem to be an endless task but answering these questions will provide an efficient communication without draining the museum of resources.


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