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Read between the lines #Blogg100

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Don’t miss this interesting blog post on tribes and target groups: Un-marketing. Or just tribaling. By Elia Mörling.

How do we really know what our target groups want or desire? By going native and ”reading between the lines”. Elia Mörling explores the ways to discover and engage with tribes, building long lasting relationships, from an anthropological perspective.

Knowing your tribes and knowing how to nurture them  is I believe one of the areas where museums should pay much more attention.  We need to prioritize to be able to manage tribal relationships in a way that benefits both the tribes and the growth and development of the museum. Then there are of course questions like what should we observe in tribes? What information is valuable when delivering content to a specific tribe?

I will return in another blog post to further explore possible ways for museums to ”go native”.

Blog post 020/100 #Blogg100 challenge

One thought on “Read between the lines #Blogg100

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