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Not there yet #Blogg100

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Since I haven’t planned ahead lately as I should, this is a note to myself.

I am well aware of the need to plan content for blogs and other social media channels, especially when setting out to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. It takes time and effort. It’s hard work. It’s not easy.

To anyone else struggling out there take a look at How to plan 85 blog posts in advance, by Niclas Johansson.

And this made me think, what would a similar list for museums look like?
”How to plan 100 days of museum content for social media channels”.


Blog post 021/100 #Blogg100 challenge


2 thoughts on “Not there yet #Blogg100

  1. Hey Kajsa, thanks for linking to me! Here’s another recommendation, a fantastic generic template for a social media content schedule from the pros at Hubspot: http://offers.hubspot.com/social-media-publishing-template

    Cheers! /Niclas

    • Thank you Niclas! It looks pretty much like the one we’ve set up at work, though we still focus mainly on Facebook and Twitter.



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