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Communicate your content #Blogg100

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Blog post 019/100 #Blogg100 challenge

this is no longer about eyeballs and impressions, but instead about premium offerings and meaningful engagement

Brian Solis

Well, I won’t use the word content M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G here since it’s scaring many people off in the heritage sector. So let’s talk communication. It’s less intimidating to most archivists, librarians museum folks. Also, I am willingly admitting, I am not a marketing specialist.

Even though I think most staff need to be aware of and even take active part in marketing and communication, I also know most organisations are still separating marketing/communication activities from the rest of the staff.

However content is what cultural heritage organisations are made up of. And what better way to communicate an archive, library or museum than by astonishing, remarkable and relevant content?

The slideshare presentation above ended up in my Twitter stream today. It is quite short but pinpoints some valuable aspects of content communication.

  • Content communication is ”giving stuff away for free” – yes but do you stop to think about what you actually gain?
  • Contributing valuable, relevant and usable content makes your audience feel confident in you
  • Content communication builds relationships between your organisation and your audiences
  • Content can be packaged in so many different ways, which way is the best for your audience and for the specific content? Chose carefully between for example video, podcast, Facebook posts, tweets, blog post, infographic (and most of all prepare for content publishing in several different forms and channels)
  • By creating great content your organisation will by your audience be regarded as an (or even THE) expert in your area – it is your archive, library or museum they will turn to – also to buy

There is a lot to read online on content marketing and communication. For example Why Brands are Becoming Publishers by Brian Solis.

And to emphasize the need to connect content communication with the museum brand, read this quote by Johan Ronnestam in his latest blog post:

 A great agency would never deliver a fun idea that wasn’t on brand or on strategy.

And replace the word agency by museum!


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