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Mobile only #Blogg100

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Blog post 017/100 #Blogg 100 challenge

Photo: malstad, CC-BY-NC-SA.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/factoryfarm/7287387128/

Photo: malstad, CC-BY-NC-SA.

Imagine you were given the choice to communicate your museum only through mobile devices. What would your strategy be like?

I mean, no website, printed media or even a physical building.

What would you communicate? How would you use the mobile devices? How would you reach out with your content?

I think it would be extremely useful spending a day inventing the mobile only museum. To bring out the best ideas in stepping onto the mobile platform. I believe we will not be able to fully embrace mobile until we, at least in thought, are able to let go of everything but mobile.

When thinking only mobile suddenly for example audiovisual content becomes much more urgent. But also using the features of the mobile device like geolocation, social sharing etc.

Then when we have mobile figured out we can slowly bring back other means of communicating, like the physical building and how we combine the two.



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