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Join existing conversations #Blogg100

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Blog post 015/100 #Blogg 100 challenge

Knitting. Photo: Aubrey, CC-BY. http://www.flickr.com/photos/starshaped/1470867496/

Knitting. Photo: Aubrey, CC-BY.

Join existing conversations. This is serious and great advice by Abhay Adhikari in his blog post On conversations: From tribes to ecosystems. Tribes are social networks that share the same interests, or rather values as we shall see. By knowing and understanding tribes, targeted communication becomes much more efficient.

Elia Mörling, who runs the  specialist network Tribaling, contributed to one of my previous blog posts with valuable comments on the topic of how to start reaching out tribes (here in shortened version):

  1. Identify the tribe
  2. Understand the tribe
  3. Re-package and adapt the content to the specific tribe
  4. Collaborate and interact with the tribe

Then Abhay Adhikari commented on the very same blog post suggesting that ”shared values are more important than shared interests”. So what is the difference?

Knitters forming tribes

Imagine people who like knitting. Obviously they form a sort of tribe, quite visible and likely to engage in topics around knitting. Especially knitters are also engaging online in social networks of their own. Ravelry being one of the largest.

Still, when taking a closer look at knitters they are, just like any other network or interest group, strongly divided by values. We have guerilla knitters, amateur knitters, knitters who spend their time on traditional knitting, professional artists etc. Each group with their own values on what needles to use, which yarn is the best, how to interpret old patterns, the purpose of knitting, etc. Then we have all sorts of demographic aspects affecting choices, preferences and values.

Applying the thoughts about tribes on seemingly obvious interest groups is a great way of challenging preconceived notions. And a great way to prepare to join existing conversations in a relevant and rewarding manner.


3 thoughts on “Join existing conversations #Blogg100

  1. Hi Kajsa, thanks for the mention and great conversation!

    I have elaborated a bit on this topic here http://tribaling.com/blog/2013/02/11/unmarketing-or-tribaling/

    Regarding your question upon the difference between shared ”values” and ”interests”: I think it’s fair to say that ”shared values” are not enough to define a tribe. They are of course present – along with many other shared things -, but the glue in a tribe is a common passion and/or emotion.

    Perhaps Abhay meant something else. I am not sure. Let’s see. 🙂

  2. Hi Elia, yes what I meant was interests is not enough.
    I am looking forward to look further into values, passion and emotion. And let’s see what Abhay says. 🙂

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