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I have an audience #Blogg100

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Starting my 14th blogpost in the #Blogg100-challenge I am beginning to spend more time thinking about audiences, and the effort required to produce content that will not be a waste of time to the people reading my blog. The growing number of visits, the comments and the increasing dialogue in social media is a tremendous reward.

First of all, blogging is a great way to develop my own thoughts and to share experiences and knowledge. Secondly, it is a way to communicate, connect and receive insight from others.

Writing 100 blog posts will, if I manage to contribute with some interesting content, create expectations. This requires that I carefully plan ahead. And don’t forget to be open to interesting stuff that happens right here and right now.

I have spent a lot of time on Twitter and that means I am perhaps used to a more direct and immediate feedback to the content that I communicate. Writing blog posts means I have to monitor statistics to see what gets read and shared and what doesn’t. It also means learning from the number of comments and emerging dialogue initiated by certain blog posts. It requires spending time and sincere dedication.

One of the greatest lessons so far from this blog challenge, a quite obvious one perhaps, is that digital takes time, time to learn and time to master. Another lesson is that the workload required to create a successful online presence – now I am talking about museums – is just increasing.

This leaves me with some thoughts: How much time should museums spend on producing content for social media channels? And monitoring? And evaluating? Ofcourse there is not one solution fit for all museums, but only by estimating the work load we can make some realistic planning.



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