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Multilingual communication – adressing target groups abroad #Blogg100

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Blog post 011/100 #Blogg100 challenge


There is no doubt that museums online need to adress an international audience. But how? And to what extent?

Most (well probably all) larger internationl museums have an international audience visiting the museum. In Stockholm, the international museum audience grows tremendously during summer. It is quite likely that it is the same audience that finds the museums online to maintain and deepen a relationship with the museum.

Is now the time when museums should start thinking about actually being a brand and a resource for an international audience. An audience that might not be visiting again, ever?

I believe there is a tremendous opportunity that has not yet been exploited, to find business models that involve online international audiences. One easy step is to target Facebook content to these audiences. To find out what they want and appreciate. But to go further than that, and actually benefit from this growing target group we need to take our strategies a few steps ahead and rethink the museum online.

I myself would love to have a closer online relationship with for example the Victoria and Albert Museum or the British Museum. Museums that I have visited, more than once, and that I would like to ”keep in touch” with. I can even picture museums as playing a more obvious role in my every day life. Especially when it comes to entertainment and further education. There are also tons of museums that I’d like to get to know, that I will not visit in even in a distant future.

Finding out how to communicate and interact with online international audiences is a great and interesting challenge for the years to come, and I am curious to know who will be the first museum to really take advantage of this opportunity.



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