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Book tip 1: From Snapshots to Social Media #Blogg100

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Blog post 009/100 #Blogg100 challenge

From Snapshots to Social Media by Risto Sarvas and David M Frohlich

From Snapshots to Social Media by Risto Sarvas and David M Frohlich

Trying to grasp the changes brought about by the digital era, changes affecting museum collections, I’ve come across this book From Snapshots to Social Media – The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography (Springer Verlag London Limited, 2011). It ”describes the history and future of domestic photography as mediated by technological change.”

I have for the last seven or eight years been particularly interested in how photographs and photograph collections have been affected by the internet and especially social media. This book adresses the roles of domestic photography in a digital world, a role as something supporting memory and communication, and reinforcing identity.

Photographs, together with video, are the most shared objects in social media. Perhaps the most interesting thing about photographs today is how they so smoothly fit into the social media eco system, as active parts of communication between people across distance and time.

From Snapshots to Social Media is definately a must for those of you interested in photography in the social media era.



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