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Innovation and museums an impossible equation? #Blogg100

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Are museums lazy pigs?

Are museums like happy oblivious pigs? Photo: Les Chatfield. CC-BY.

Blog post 006/100 in #Blogg100 challenge

I frequently read a number of blogs that inspire and help me in my daily work at a large and busy museum. One of these blogs is The Museum of the Future by Jasper Visser.

In one of his recent blog posts he expresses his belief in:

”…small teams working on a tight schedule, limited budget and in relative freedom from organisational politics on huge challenges.”

This in order to boost innovation and prepare for challenges ahead. In reality, I would say it is a very rare, not to say non existing, way of managing development in many museums. Instead it’s probably more common with long lasting projects, where slow organisational politics adds to the need for large budgets. Still, in the digital era, museums need to change and find new ways to innovate and develop.

Jasper Visser is quite blunt about the challenges facing museums.

”I don’t think many of us quite grasp the immensity of the challenges that lie ahead of us in this century as cultural institutions. I sometimes feel we’re like pigs on our way to the slaughterhouse halfheartedly talking about escaping. Time is running out.”

He is of course not alone with this concern. In December The Guardian reported from a debate at the Science Museum in London. There Dr Ross Parry explained:

”The modern museum has inevitably changed its structure, aspects of its purpose and audience relationships, as well as the intellectual framework used to make sense of its collections.”

These changes are coming whether we want them or not, whether we prepare for them or not. The need to redefine museums in the digital age should open up for more flexibility and innovation. And the small teams, tight schedule, limited budgets etc. might actually be one way of getting us there.

Read Jasper Visser’s blog post

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