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#Blogg100 First challenge – plan your content

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As I have decided to follow the initiative by hundreds of Swedish bloggers to write 100 blog posts in 100 days, I have already discovered the biggest challenge of self publishing. Planning for content.

Missing out on blog post 002 yesterday I will deliver two today. This first one reflecting on the need for a well planned content strategy in social media. And the need to be consistent.

Working professionally at a museum I have initiated a publishing plan for our largest social media channels. However my self publishing, this blog, has been neglected in that aspect.

So note to myself: Set up a publishing plan, planning for every single day at least two weeks ahed.

And my point is that producing great content for a blog, or any social media channel, requires spending time. Most organizations understand that but have not, or cannot, prioritize. Partly because we might not have the arguments for how much time needs to be spent on content production for social media.

How can I argue that a museum would need 3-5 people full time producing content for social media? Do I actually know that five is necessary instead of three, or even two people part time?

And to be able to request more staff working on content production I need to be able to clearly state how much effort is required to maintain our social media presence. Not just the actual publishing or answering questions, but to provide the audience with a great content.

That goes of course for my own blog. Knowing how much time it takes to prepare for the content, I will be able to set aside enough time both for planning and producing content, to make it to blog post 100 in this challenge. So here we go, assignment no 1: Make a publishing plan.

Blog post 002/100



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