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A hundred blog posts – A hundred days #blogg100

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keep_calm_blogAlmost three months have passed since my last blog post. I have been thinking several times that the next blog post is long overdue. And so today I stumbled upon a challenge. A challenge to write a 100 blogposts in 100 days.

The challenge was initiated by Fredrik Wahss, a Swedish journalist and public speaker who writes about social media among other things. And surprisingly lots and lots of bloggers have accepted the challenge, at the moment about 100 but it looks like there will be plenty by the end of the day. Today the challenge starts. The goal is to have written 100 blog posts by May 3.

The rules for the challenge are:

  • Every single day from January 23 and a 100 days onwards you have to publish a post on your blog
  • Each blog post has to be tagged #blogg100
  • No rules about length of post, just adding a video is ok
  • It’s ok to prepare several blog posts at once, but it’s probably more fun to write just before publishing
Blogging – or self publishing

In November I made a professional visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and we talked about blogging and museums. They prefer to call it self publishing, which I believe is a great way to describe the blogging tool. Using self publishing instead of blogging puts me back at square 1 ready to explore the tool in a whole new way.

I need to think much more strategically about content and purpose. The larger blogs that are still around today are of great quality content or consistent in a way that keeps the audience returning over and over again.

The tool is just a way of self publishing, and the possibilities are endless. I hope that by participating in #blogg100 I will better understand how and why self publishing can be useful in a social and digital world today. I will ofcourse explore blogging in the context of museums as well.

I don’t expect to create ground breaking content, or to entertain a huge crowd. But I hope to gain further insight and by that hopefully also contribute to understanding self publishing in 2013.



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