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Remember your online audience – live stream your seminars

Just wanted to share a few tips based on my experiences from livestreaming a museum event for the first time:

  • Why live streaming? Well, simply you need to attend to your audience online.
  • Hire a professional. Make it part of the budget from the start. A good quality live stream is what your audience expects.
  • Think about the stage setting, prepare it for the presentations and make sure it looks good on air.
  •  Think about how to adress your online audience. Prepare for interaction f.ex. through Twitter.
  • Use a hashtag on Twitter to start a conversation and to monitor questions to the speakers.
  • Twitterfall or not, on a screen in the conference room? I don’t know, there are pros and cons. What do you think?
  • Plan for displaying the live stream. Preferably on a very visible place on your site. Perhaps establish a media channel, if you plan to live stream following events.
  • Plan for long-term availability of your videos. There are several services for online video, not all have live stream function, not all are for commercial use etc. Make sure you know in advance what to choose.
  • Blog about the live stream immediately before and afterward the event. Tweet about them. Advertise in all your channels to drive traffic. And be sure to track all visitor statistics (like with Google analytics on the blog and website). Great stats will make it easier to argue for live streaming in the future!