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The Social Media Toolbox

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Just a short blogpost on Social Media Tools:

I recently started to discover Twingly and Delicious (yes, call me backwards, but it has really taken me this long!). And now that I am completely into these two services, I do have to share the benefits.

Starting with Twingly.com. It is a website where you can create your own channels of RSS-feeds. The purpose is to gather feeds from the top blogs within your area of interest. The result is great. In an instant you have an overview of the top stories in the area. My Twingly Channel is available through my Blogroll, and here through this link: Digital Cultural Heritage at Twingly.

The second website that I now have in my Social Media Tool Box is Delicious.com. No longer do I save the website URL by bookmarking it in my browser. It’s all available online. Also I get to collect great links that pass through my Twitter account, since they are automatically saved to my Delicious account (this requires a service Packrati.us). Best of all, Delicious allows me to follow other people and take part of their bookmarks.

Any service that allows me to save time, gather and share top stories, is quickly added to my daily routines, and will – hopefully – also allow me to get more organized. Twingly and Delicious are, I believe, great and necessary complements to f.ex. Slideshare, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

5 thoughts on “The Social Media Toolbox

  1. Har du testat http://collected.info/? Site som låter användare publicera sina RSS-samlingar inom olika områden.

  2. Hej, nej den hade jag inte sett, stort tack för tips! /Kajsa

  3. Kajsa,

    Some good tips.

    A small correction though, the correct address is Packrati.us you accidentally left our the ‘k’.

    I also use delicious and I have a number of RSS feeds that I get for there. one that I like a great deal is to make a feed from the ‘popular’ category, then with a tag added.

    ex. popular>mobile will give you the most popular urls saved for this keyword ‘mobile’.

    I also use delicious for searching in general. I have gotten many good results from searching here over Google or another search tool.

    I have played with Twingly but perhaps need to give this a new look.

  4. Hey, glad to see you like Twingly! Let us know if you have any feedback on how we can improve our service to the better 🙂

    Cheers! /Anton, Twingly


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