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Go tribal!

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Archives, libraries and museums have their particular audiences that probably have stayed the same, in a demographic sense, for a longer period of time. However, looking closer at this group of cultural heritage consumers, they are changing their habits just like everyone else.

The people we’re trying to reach today have their own audiences, they are not at the end of the communication line. In fact their networks and audiences have in turn their own audiences, etc. And as people are acknowledging the responsibility of maintaining their networks, the messages passed on will be refined in each step. There is in fact a sense of curation going on.

Brian Solis reminds us, in an interview at 26DotTwo, that since traditional media is no longer central in people’s lives (they are instead focused on their Twitter-stream, their Facebook wall etc.) there’s a need to adapt the communication to this changing world. And the only way to really understand this change is to actually live it, be a part of social media. ”If you don’t live it and breathe it yourself you can’t necessarily get it.” He even says: Like an anthropologist, go tribal!

And as a passionate anthropologist I do get it. By going tribal we’ll learn how this (not so) new world of communication works, and we’ll learn how to communicate and how to reach new audiences. Last but not least, sharing the insights we gain along the way is vital to the development of the cultural heritage sector.

See the film clip: The new influencers. Does old school media ”get it”?



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