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This is what museums are all about

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Watch the Blériot fly at Youtube.

Yesterday, the Swedish Science Museum moved into the field next door, just outside Stockholm city, with their Blériot XI from 1918, made in Sweden, and bought by the Museum in 1929. The plane has been restored and is now in great shape, which was proven by the pilot Mikael Carlson who took the Blériot up in the air.

Such an event is en excellent way to communicate not only the museum object, and the story around it, but to communicate the entire museum.

> The Science Museum brought the museum object into an unexpected place (surprise, do the unexpected)
> They created a new contact point, a new surface where to interact with their audience
> They tell the story behind the plane (doesn’t have to be a long story, but it gives a context)
> They created drama ”would it really fly?!”
> They used evicence, ”Yes it can actually fly because we restored it”
> They used professional film makers, it’s not an amateur film
> They broadcasted the flight live through Bambuser
> They have made a beautiful short film available on Youtube
> They tweeted the event, and got retweeted by key figures who use social media

It is a great example of communication where social media plays an important role. Museums might be boring, but they don’t have to be. Let’s create more of this!

One thought on “This is what museums are all about

  1. You are so right! Amazingly well done by the Science museum.


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