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Get outside your comfort zone

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With the opening plenary at MW2010 in mind I challenged myself yesterday by participating in JMW talkshow, JMW being one of the best communication agencies in Sweden right now. Being used to talk to an audience that are way within my comfort zone I have grown comfortable with their pre knowledge of the subject, and that they listen no matter what. 🙂 Of course that’s a certain way to get the edges smoothed and to stop being alert to new audiences.

The reactions to the talkshow were mixed, some engaged in the talk online and afterwards on Twitter, and some preferred a coffee break. So the audience this time did not consist of the cultural heritage sector only, but mainly people within web and communication business. One lesson to learn is that YES it’s very important to get ouside your comfort zone, challenge yourself. It’s the only way to improve communication and sharpen the message. If not, how can I defend the need for cultural institutions and the need for an over all communication and mediation of cultural heritage that is engaging and that matters to people (old audiences and new ones). I need to be able to anser the question: What’s in it for me, why should I care?

As we, within the cultural heritage sector, continue these discussions on how to improve outreach, I look forward to keeping up a dialogue with a broader group of people and to actually take further steps outside my comfort zone.



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