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Get outside your comfort zone part II

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As I mentioned in an earlier post I took a great step outside my comfort zone yesterday. Of course I am not the only one doing this, I want to say a belated huge thank you to the people from the web and communication business that Pro Bono spent a day with the cultural heritage sector last October, a day arranged by ABM-centrum, http://www.abm-centrum.se at Tekniska museet. People from several companies* gave workshops, presentations and participated in speed dating, giving an excellent out-of-the box insight on the cultural heritage sector.

* Participants
Philip Ahlqwist, Volontaire
Klas Jonsson, Acne Digital
Walter Naeslund, Honesty
Matthieu Hartig, free lance
Lars Johansson, Webanalys.nu
Magnus Seter, Houdini
Martin Ragnevad, Daytona

This day, and my own efforts to reach outside my comfort zone, makes me realise that the surface where museums, archives and libraries meet the audiences is very small, sometimes hardly noticeable. Can we make it grow? It’s our job to locate this surface and make sure it’s functioning and preferably growing. Lesson learned? If we are not aware what our outreach looks like, it’s an impossible task to build relationships with new audiences.

And this is really a topic for another blogpost. On my to-do-list. 🙂



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